Cadence All-Female A Cappella

Been on the lookout for UNC’s sassiest all-female a cappella group? You’ve come to the right place.  Cadence is a group of 15 diverse young women passionate about singing and making a difference.  Throughout the year, you’ll find us performing at campus concerts and a number of community events. Get connected now!

ATTENTION: A Cappella enthusiasts, lovers of sass, and followers of Cadence…our fall concert date is set for November 4th in Hamilton 100! Stay tuned for our theme reveal and mark your calendars for Friday the 4th!


*Sorry* for the interruption…

So…. yeah.We appreciate your months of agonizing patience. Thanks to our music video producers, Liquid 5th, we’re excited to present you with Cadence’s version of Hello… Sorry! It is an honor and a pleasure. This arrangement, put together by Julia Warren, Lauren Burgess, and Susanna Trotter, features soloists Lauren Burgess and Valerie Christine Sauer with Julia Warren on percussion. The original artists are Adele and Justin Bieber, respectively. Read about our impact in the ~College A Cappella News~ here. Thank you to all the wonderful members and producers that contributed to the making of this music video—we appreciate all the hard work you put in to let us express our passion for a cappella!

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